Criminal Division

Union Township Justice Court holds arraignments every Monday morning at 9:00 A.M. for charges on the misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor and felony level. 

At an arraignment, you are advised of the charges against you, your rights and right to counsel. 

For a misdemeanor charge, you will have the opportunity to enter a plea after your rights are explained to you. If you enter a "guilty" or "nolo contendere" (no contest) plea, the Judge may impose a sentence at that time, or set sentencing for a later date. If a "not guilty" plea is entered, the matter will be set for a pre-trial conference with the District Attorney, or Bench Trial, depending on the charge. 

For felony charges, you will not be able to enter a plea and your case will be set for a Preliminary Hearing. At that time, the court will determine if there is sufficient evidence for the case to be bound up to the Sixth Judicial District Court for further proceedings.

Effective July 01, 2022, the Court will now hold 48-Hour Hearings in accordance with NRS 178.4849including bail setting and probable cause determination.