How To Complete An Affidavit


  1. Only a Legible "Affidavit of Complaint and Order (PDF)" will be accepted. You can now fill out the form online (PDF). Just fill in the blanks and print it out on your printer.
  2. You are the Plaintiff; type your name / business and address.
  3. The person you are suing is the Defendant; type his name and address.
  4. The name of the person that will be signing the affidavit will be typed in the appropriate area as being sworn.
  5. Type the sum you are suing for, Court Costs and Service Fee.
  6. You must state the reason for indebtedness in summary with a breakdown of the sum you are suing for. Such as: 
    • Non-payment of Rent: $500 
    • Late Fee: $25 
    • Damages to Unit: $250 
    • Default on Loan Contract: $700
  7. No evidence of your claim need be submitted at time of filing; bring it on your trial date.
  8. If claim is the result of auto damage, you must submit at least two estimates at time of filing (if the repairs have not been completed) and the claim must be for the lesser amount.