Justice Court

The Honorable JIM LOVELESS


Union Township Justice of the Peace

Statement from Justice Court:

"Union Justice Court is a court of limited jurisdiction which strives to uphold the public's trust and confidence, while retaining its independence and accountability by dealing with each matter in an equitable and timely manner."

What the Justice Court Does

Union Township Justice Court issues search warrants and arrest warrants, holds arraignments and trials for misdemeanor cases, and handles felony and gross misdemeanor cases from the initial arrest through the preliminary hearing stage, including bail setting and probable cause determination.

In addition, Justice Court hears civil cases with jurisdictional amounts up to $15,000, small claims cases up to $10,000 and landlord / tenant eviction hearings.

The Court handles citations issued by:

  • Humboldt County Animal Control
  • The Humboldt County Sheriff's Office
  • The Nevada Department of Wildlife
  • Nevada Highway Patrol
  • The Winnemucca Police Department

Justice Court also handles protective orders against Domestic Violence and Stalking and Harassment.