Jury Request or Response

If you do not wish to appear for jury duty, understand that the following people are automatically exempt from service as trial jurors:

  • Any member of the Nevada Legislature or any employee of the Legislature or the Legislative Counsel Bureau, while the Legislature is in session. 
  • A person who is at least 70 years of age

Furthermore, in accordance with N.R.S. 6030, jurors may submit a formal request for exemption on the basis of:

  1. sickness or physical disability 
  2. serious illness or death of a member of the juror's immediate family. 
  3. Undue hardship or extreme inconvenience 
  4. Public necessity 

To Submit a Request to be excused from Jury Duty please, Click Here

To Submit a Response to a Contempt Letter for failure to appear for Jury Duty please, Click Here.