Safety Committee

Nevada Revised Statutes 618.383(2)(b) Requires:

If an employer has more than 25 employees, or if an employer's employees are engaged in  the manufacture of explosives, the establishment of a safety committee. The safety committee must include representatives of employees. If the employees are represented by a labor organization, the representatives of employees must be selected by the employees and not appointed by the employer.

As such, Humboldt County's Safety Committee's purpose is to;

  • Evaluate accident trends and suggest needed improvements and alternative solutions.
  • Evaluate department inspection reports verifying corrective action was taken; identifying trends requiring further research; or assigning individuals to complete the research for input in the evaluation.
  • Audit the safety program and verify proper implementation.
  • Serve as a secondary source for employees to submit hazards without the fear of reprisal.
  • Evaluate training sources for improved staff knowledge of safety and health.
  • Promote safety activities.
  • Develop a safety newsletter, bulletins, or posters.
  • Conduct inspections.
  • Combination of the above or others, but be specific in your program to give guidance.