Safety Program

Humboldt County's dedication to safety is engraved in our mission statement and reflects the fundamental respect we have for our employees, equipment, the public and the environment. We aim to meet and exceed the standards for health and safety and maintain our organizational goal of zero accidents, injuries, or illnesses. This goal will be achieved by management commitment, employee involvement, workplace hazard analysis, hazard prevention and control, behavior-based safety and health training, and by requiring compliance from all employees.

It is Humboldt County's obligation and responsibility to conduct all its operations in the safest manner possible. However, we cannot do it alone. All employees have the obligation and responsibility for safety. To help empower our employees to make safe decisions, they are provided with training to instill safe work practices.

Our Health and Safety program is supported by our own Safety Committee and Safety Director. The program is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our employees and the work processes. Some of the supported health and safety-related activities include quarterly safety meetings, safety audits and investigations, and proactive, documented hazard identification.

For additional information on our safety program, please consult your departments Safety Committee Representative, or call the Safety Director at the County Manager's Office.