june Challenge

take a healthy 15 minute break away from your desk every day - EARN 1 POINT for each day up to 20 points for the month

Benefits of getting away from your desk:  

  • Refresh your attention span and sustain concentration
  • Lower your body mass index
  • You will be more productive
  • Boost creativity
  • Lowers your risk of weight gain and obesity

On Going Challenges

  • Walk Humboldt County Challenge - Remember you are just tracking how far you walk, ride, swim, bike, treadmill, stair-stepper, etc. and then tracking it on the map. This is a yearly challenge ending May 31st each year.
  • Healthy Snack Challenge - Track the health snacks you eat each day. Earn 10 points each quarter by eating a minimum of one healthy snack, three days per week (if tracker turned in quarterly).
  • Gym Challenge - Gym or home workouts. Tracker can be downloaded from the forms page or on Facebook.