If you have a question you would like answered, send us an e-mail and we'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have. If you are experiencing a problem, give us a call. 
Q. How do I contact Humboldt County TV District if I notice an issue with a TV channel?
A. You can either call our office phone number Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (775-623-6040) or fill out the 'Report a Problem' form on the forms page and submit it to our e-mail (humboldttvdistrict@hcnv.us). But remember, if the primary channel is on, and a sub-channel is out or having problems, Humboldt County TV District can review the problem and if necessary we will forward the issue to the appropriate broadcaster for you. 
Q. Why don't all of my sub-channels fit to my screen or appear to be distorted?
A. Typically, the primary channel is transmitted in High Definition mode and the sub-channels are transmitted in a Standard Definition mode. Your TV will attempt to format the picture to present the best quality for viewing. 
Q. Why does my primary channel appear to be okay but my sub-channel is off or missing audio?
A. This might be a problem at the broadcaster's primary feed. Sometimes the sub-channels are received via satellite to be included into their programming. 
Q. Why doesn't my indoor antenna receive certain TV channels?
A. Indoor antennas such as flat panel and/or rabbit ears, are not recommended by the TV District. Any changes around your area could effect the receive capability of these devices. An antenna mounted to the roof or eaves with a clear line of sight is preferred. 
Q. My TV signals have been getting worse in the last month or so. 
A. We have found this to be as simple as leaves growing on a tree, a house being built next door, or an antenna sliding down the pole sitting against the roof. Check your antenna and make sure it has clear line of sight and that the cables are tight. 
Q. A TV channel I liked has been replaced with another channel. What can I do?
A. The TV District can forward this to the appropriate broadcaster to let them know if you are displeased with the channel change and miss the old channel. We have also been informed by the broadcasters, to visit the website of the channel that has been replaced and to let them know that you're displeased with the change as well. 

Q. What type of outdoor antenna does the TV District suggest?

A. Below we have an image and links to an antenna that the TV District most typically uses when we're out in the field. This antenna can be found on both Walmart and Amazon. The smaller end of the antenna should be pointing to where you're receiving the TV signals from. 



TV District Antenna Suggestion