Tax Rates

Notice To Taxpayers

Humboldt County taxes are calculated by multiplying the assessed value by the tax rate for your district. However Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 361.4722 provides that tax liability in excess of 8% over the prior years will be abated for all property other than residential property. NRS 361.4723 provides that tax liability in excess of 3% over the prior year will be abated for residential property and for qualifying residential rental property. New property receives no abatement in the first year of existence.

2023-2024 Rates

General Fund (0.3530) 

Pays for the operating costs associated with the day to day business of running County Government. Salaries, benefits, office equipment and supplies, community services, maintenance of county buildings, public safety, elections, recording and Justice Court services are some of the types of expenses paid from this fund.

Senior Citizens (0.0300)

Revenues received in this account are disbursed to the Senior Citizens Center for the operation of the local Senior Citizens Center and was passed by the voters of Humboldt County.

Indigent Fund (0.0227)

To provide limited and temporary assistance to individuals that have experienced unforeseen hardship when no other alternative exists. These funds are issued upon an application process after determining the qualifications of the applicant.

State Accident (0.0150)

A special revenue fund created by the State to fund for Hospital Care to indigent persons. The proceeds from this tax is remitted to the State Controller for credit to this fund.

Building Reserve (0.0100)

The Building Reserve Fund is used to account for the resources and expenditures for major capital projects such as future construction and land purchases.

Cooperative Extension (0.0100)

The Cooperative Extension Fund provides for various agricultural and home economic programs and services. Identifies critical needs, designs educational programs and activities to address those needs and provides evaluations to ensure programs are improving lives of Humboldt County citizens.

State of Nevada (0.1700)

Proceeds are paid to the State for its use in maintaining and operating State Government offices.

6th Judicial (0.1686)

The 6th Judicial District is comprised of the Juvenile Probation Department, District Court and Court Reporters.

Capital Projects (0.0100)

Major outlays for capital assets and improvements are accounted for in the Capital Projects Fund and is allocated between the City of Winnemucca and Humboldt County.

Library (0.0405)

The County Commission voted to suspend assessing a tax rate for the 2016-2017 tax year to provide for the operation and maintenance of the Humboldt County Libraries.

School District (0.7500)

Revenue received for this fund is disbursed to the School District for the operation of Humboldt County schools.

Bond & Interest (0.1350)

Provides financial resources for the repayment of the voter approved long term debt of the School District.

City of WMCA (0.9700)

If the taxed property is located within the Winnemucca City limits an additional tax is billed and is disbursed to the City of Winnemucca for the operational needs of the City.

Hospital Operation (0.3954)

Revenue received is disbursed to the Hospital for the operation of the Humboldt General Hospital.

Museum (0.0150)

Revenue received in this account are disbursed to the Museum to provide for the operation of the Humboldt County Museum.

Medical Indigent (0.0200)

A levy to produce revenue to provide medical assistance to indigent persons.

State Indigent Medical (0.0100)

A tax levied pursuant to NRS 428.285 for the medical assistance to indigent persons. Revenues collected are remitted to the State Controller.

China Springs (.0064)

China Springs Youth Camp is a regional facility located in Douglas County for the detention of children. Pursuant to NRS 62B.150, any County whose population is less than 400,000 is required to pay an assessment for the operation of a regional facility.

Winnemucca Events Complex Events (0.0400)

Provides funds for the operation of the Winnemucca Events Complex.

Fire District Tax

Depending upon the district in which the taxed property is located, an additional tax is assessed to provide for the operation and maintenance of fire protection in that district.

District Rate

  • Golconda Fire: 0.0290
  • Humboldt Fire: 0.1047
  • McDermitt Fire: 0.4655
  • Orovada Fire: 0.1500
  • Paradise Fire: 0.1745
  • Pueblo Fire: 0.3500
  • Winnemucca Rural Fire: 0.1047
  • Kings River GID:  0.2000