What is the responsibility of the Assessor´s Office?

Our responsibility is to estimate property values. We do not set the tax rate nor do we collect taxes. It is our duty, by law, to discover all taxable property in Humboldt County, appraise its value, then calculate 35% of that appraised value to arrive at the assessed value. Contact the Assessor's Office for more information.

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1. I received a Deed Processing Notice. What am I supposed to do?
2. What is the responsibility of the Assessor´s Office?
3. Why have values increased in such a poor economy?
4. What is this assessment card I get in the mail in December? What does it all mean?
5. Who determines the tax rate?
6. Who collects taxes?
7. What is the difference between the “appraised” and the “assessed” value of property?
8. Why would my taxes change?
9. What is factoring?
10. How often would my value change?
11. How does my assessed value relate to market value?
12. How can my taxes be increasing when values are dropping ?
13. What if I don't agree with my assessed value?
14. What statutes govern the Assessor's Office?