How can I request to be excused from jury duty?

Per Nevada statute, persons of 70 years or more as well as those who are 65 or older and living 65 miles or more away are automatically exempt from serving as a juror. If you do not meet these qualifications but you would still like to be excused, you may submit a written request to the Court detailing your reason for the request. Please include as much information about your circumstances as possible. Your letter should contain a phone number at which you can be reached during business hours as well.

Address requests to

District Court

50 W. 5th Street

Suite #207

Winnemucca, NV 89445

Please keep in mind that the Judge excuses potential jurors at his discretion and that individuals who receive a summons and fail to appear can be held in contempt. (N.R.S SS 6.020-030, 6.040)

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